Martial Arts

Martial Arts has become a strong feature in our PE lessons. Children in all Key Stage 2 years have been taught different forms of Martial Art and continue to be taught now. Martial Arts and Combat Skills have been taught by specialist instructors from MDD Fitness Company as part of their physical education indoor work. The children are being encouraged to show a great deal of respect and are increasing their levels of self-discipline. As well as learning how to warm up and prepare their bodies for their lessons the children are learning basic holds in martial arts and are also being taught how to count in Japanese. 

So far the children have been taught Judo and Muay Thai.


“I like our Judo sessions. It makes me feel stronger and happy. We have been learning how to hold people down and how to turn over to get people off of you. My friends are good at working with me and they listen well. We have to bow to our Sensei as a sign of respect and we also bow to our partners. I really enjoy the lessons and I would like to go into a tournament when I am older.”