Mrs Stanczyk, our Deputy Head, currently runs a Netball club before schools starts that is supported by Ms Pinnock. Mrs Stanczyk and Ms Pinnock have experience playing netball both past and present representing the University of Greenwich. Ms Pinnock currently plays for Orioles netball team and Mrs Stanczyk previously played for Electra Netball Team.

Our team is made up of children from Years 5 and 6 who take it in turns to participate in friendly games. Training is held before school once a week along with regular visits to Plumcroft Primary School to participate in the Plumcroft Netball League. Our Netball team work exceptionally hard during their training sessions and are encouraged to support and respect all opposing teams, working together as a strong unit to increase confidence and knowledge of the game as well as working together to improve their physical fitness.

We are proud to announce that our Netball team represented the Royal Borough of Greenwich in the London Youth Games at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for the second time on March 10th 2016. They reached the final stage of the High Five Netball Tournament alongside Plumcroft and faced a tough battle but managed to score with some great skill in the last 10 seconds of the game, winning the honour of representing Greenwich in the London Youth Games. In 2017 our team sadly missed out, right at the last hurdle to Discovery who went on to win and compete in the 2017 London Youth Games representing Greenwich. This year our team performed brilliantly and once again won their chance to represent Greenwich in the London Youth Games but unfortunately due to a date clash with our school journey and the games, our team are unable to participate resulting in the runners up, Discovery, being selected for the games.

“It felt triumphant because we hadn’t beaten Plumcroft for a while. When the whistle blew it didn’t really sink in that we had won until everyone else started to jump up and down. It was a last minute goal that won us the tournament and it was great that we won because we all worked so hard!”