Chocolate Trading Day

On the 8th February Seamus from Place2Be took a group of children into London to take part in a Chocolate Trading Day. 

The aim of the day was for the group of children to learn about stocks and shares by playing a fun game using chocolate coins. Before starting the game the children were introduced to the wonderful staff volunteering their day to the children and to the company where the game took place; they were also given a tour of the offices. 

Children were split into teams that were accompanied by up to two volunteers. Other volunteers played the role of workers at the 'International Chocolate Exchange' and the 'Newsreader.' They were then given 10 chocolate coins that symbolised 10 crates of chocolate as well as £1,000 at the start of the game. The aim of the game was to be the team who completed the rounds with the most chocolate and any team left with any money at the end had to exchange it for chocolate for the final selling rate.

During each round the teams were given opportunities to trade by selling chocolate or purchasing more. The Newsreader would read the news including changes in stocks leaving the children to decide whether or not it was a suitable time to sell or expand.

The children absolutely loved the trip and learnt a lot about stocks and shares. They would like to thank Seamus and Sita for taking them on the trip and special thanks to all the staff who volunteered their time to the children.