Parent Gym Week 6

Together: Our final session for this Parent Gym programme; what an amazing group of parents! This session gave us all the opportunity to look into the future and recap key techniques from weeks 1 to now.

As always we discussed key ideas to support each other. Todays topics included ways to defuse sibling conflict, and to find ways to stop disagreements spiralling. We celebrated through discussion the importance of developing our children’s (and family) identity and found fun ways in which we could do this ‘together’ with our children and support networks. We learned that there is always an opportunity to inject learning and discovering in our family life e.g.. cooking, celebrates different heritages/countries. The more time we spend with our children on a one to one basis and involve them in simple choice/decision making, the more likely they are to cooperate and the less conflict we should have at home (and out and about).

Above all, each Parent Gym programme confirms to us that all families are unique and have their own great stories to share. Everyone’s parenting journey will be different; some more challenging than others. It’s so helpful for us all to take time out to share these experiences and discuss our success and challenges so that we can move forward and support each other.

Please see Annmarie in school to sign up for the next programme (date yet to be confirmed). There is also a list held in the school office to add your contact details to. You will be contacted once a date is finalised.

The children joined us for the later stage of our session today to be a part of their parents mini-Parent Gym assembly, where they were presented with their Certificate and Parent Gym ‘badge of honour!’

We had a small raffle to reward parents and children (every session attended by parents, resulted in another raffle ticket in the box.)

Well done to all of our Parent Gym Families- you are amazing!